Touring Series

The Touring series appeal to sea kayakers who want get away from it all. At home crossing oceans in all sea conditions, these kayaks are designed for travelling far from land, and for exploring the landscape from an on-water perspective. The generous volume in the hatches allows an escape for a few nights to several weeks and more, and once you land at your perfect spot you will enjoy the night in comfort.

The Xceed range of sea kayaks is designed to serve two purposes: to be efficient, capable, seaworthy expedition kayaks, while also being dynamic to paddle on day trips. Computer designed, the Xceed series hulls are honed to provide especially efficient cruising at above 4 knots. Hatch volume is large, especially in the larger model sizes – these boats are from a proven expedition pedigree used on record breaking achievements. Cockpit foredecks are relatively high giving a dynamic and commanding paddling position. When paddled with a light load on day trips, the Xceed rewards the enthusiastic paddler who enjoys edge-turns and easy wave catching.

The Pace Action builds on Tiderace’s best selling model and is a ‘compact boat format’ which saves weight and makes full use of the waterline length. The computer designed hull is specifically shaped to take advantage of the precise direction control gained by incorporating a rudder. Stable yet reactive and lively, the Pace Action is Tiderace’s hidden gem – a highly capable all-rounder that’s nimble and full of fun.

Play at Sea

The boats in the Play at Sea series sit on a continuum between coastal touring to extreme rough water play. They appeal to paddlers who enjoy stability, maneuverability, who want to have fun where the sea meets the coast.  Where cliffs and rocks meet waves and swell, these kayaks will delight paddlers with their precise edge handling and ease of turning. When the sea’s energy is channeled skywards, these boats excel in the surf. You will play, learn and grin your way through the day.

The Xtra is Tiderace’s innovative playboat for the sea. It surfs, it carves, it edges. It’s the thrill-seeker’s boat of choice. Although capable of light touring,the Xtra’s expertise is in the wild and rough environments of the tideraces and overfalls. Its surfing ability in these conditions is second to none – the hull shape allows for linked carving turns on the green waves and for progressive control when the wave breaks – it’s the ‘take-on-anything’ sea kayak. The Xtra has ample speed to get you to the remotest locations and a seaworthy design which lets you enjoy the rough-stuff along the way. The cockpit ergonomics transfer a wealth of feedback back to the paddler making the Xtra a true paddler’s boat.

The Pace Action also falls into the Play category. Responsive and playful when rock hopping or playing in the surf, it will put a smile on any paddler’s face.

The rotomoulded Vortex is designed to hug the coastline and revel in the interface between sea and rock. A ‘sister design’ to the Xtra, its polyethylene construction is engineered to take the knocks and the scrapes of rockhopping, yet retains a highly responsive hull for surfing.

Fast Expedition

The kayaks in the Speed at Sea category combine the best features and characteristics of the Tiderace range with new thinking about how the next generation of sea kayaks should perform. These appeal to progressive kayakers who value speed but don’t want to sacrifice comfort, and who’re looking to upgrade to the next level.

The Tiderace Pace18 is designed for efficient cruising at over 5 knots. The Pace18 is a stable and seaworthy kayak designed for adventurers with an “alpinist” approach to expedition kayaking, endurance racing and down-winding. It’s regarded as being the fastest of the rough water capable racing sea kayaks on the market.

The Tiderace Pace17 Tour is a serious expedition sea kayak. It’s a high volume load carrier that has the speed of a race boat. With it’s record breaking pedigree, the Tour defines a new genre where a fast expedition kayak neither need to be long in length nor unstable in nature. Advocates of the Tour comment on the design’s unerring steadfastness even in the roughest of seas, truly a sea boat which looks after it owner. The Pace17 Tour retains the signature Tiderace cockpit and four hatch layout and as featured in all Tiderace boats, is computer designed throughout. The Pace Tour carries a load more efficiently over a distance than any other Tiderace kayak.

Classification of Kayak Models