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ME, 04010

Turner Wilson, Cheri Perry
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About Kayak Ways LLC

Cheri Perry and Turner Wilson have been sole partners in Kayak Ways for 11 years, splitting our time between traveling the world teaching all levels of Greenland-Style paddling and rolling techniques, and designing and building traditional kayak and skinny sticks in the Qajaq Barn in Maine.

In conjunction with Justine Curgenven, they have developed and provided instruction in the critically acclaimed ‘This is the Roll’ 1 & 2 DVDs, available worldwide.

We are fortunate to live in the Great State of Maine. With its beautiful and varied coast line, Maine is an ideal place to kayak, experiencing the many joys of being one with the sea.

On our online store, we only sell equipment that we use ourselves. We are proud to offer Tiderace Sea Kayaks to kayakers who demand the very best fiberglass kayaks available. Demos available by appointment.