Tiderace Scotland Ambassadors

Alice McInnes

Roddy McDowell
Central Scotland

Alice McInnes / Roddy McDowell
Alice: 07760 887034 / Roddy: 07765 241686
[email protected]
[email protected]

About Tiderace Scotland Ambassadors

Alice McInnes;

After first sitting in a proper sea kayak in 2009, I’ve paddled extensively around the parts of Scotland.

From a background in mountain walking, climbing and mountain biking I enjoy the freedom that sea kayaking offers to find adventure anywhere. The local waters near Edinburgh can offer challenging swell and surf conditions as well as world-class bird reserves, occasional whales and dolphins and paddling under the UNESCO Heritage Forth Rail Bridge. There is so much to see in Scotland that I’m working my way around the Scottish coast in bite-size chunks while diverting to other islands in between. Through my company, seakayakalice.co.uk, I offer coaching and guiding all over Scotland and can arrange Tiderace demos. I look forward to hearing from you. To arrange a demo, a paddle or order a boat please contact me by email or phone.

Roddy McDowell;

I paddle Tiderace as my sea kayak of choice and have done so since the first models floated off the production line. Kayaks have been my companion over many years on the west coast of Scotland; it’s offshore islands and further afield, Shetland, the Isles of Scilly, Faroe Islands, Iceland, Greece, Croatia, Spain and Israel.

Packing a sea kayak and journeying is my passion. If you want to get to know Tiderace models the best way is to spend time in them, please get in touch and I can help arrange this. It would be a privilege to share my knowledge and experience as a professional sea kayak guide and coach with you.